Software Applications

‚ÄčEvery day, faculty, staff, board members, and students use dozens of software applications, all of which must be maintained. Ongoing maintenance includes things like user account set up, password resets, system configuration, software updates, and training. 
The most frequently used applications are listed below. Individual schools may use additional tools. Submit a helpdesk ticket  to ensure you have access to all of the necessary accounts.


OSSU uses Google Applications for Education for its email (Gmail) and online collaboration tools. All emails end in All employees, school board members, and students in grades 3-12 have their own email account. Newly hired employees will receive their email address information from Human Resources as part of the on-boarding process. Students keep the same email address for their entire school career, even when they change schools.

Staff email addresses generally include the person’s first initial followed by last name (Bob Smith is There are some exceptions if a username has already been assigned based on this convention.

Student emails generally include the student’s first initial followed by last name and graduating year (Johnny Smith is This difference helps to easily recognize staff from students.

All email users are required to read and adhere to OSSU’s Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Policy and FERPA guidelines.

Calendar and Drive

Beyond email, Google Apps for Education offers access to contacts, calendars, online document storage and collaboration for each OSSU user.

Once logged into your OSSU email account, users will have access to contacts, calendars, Drive and more. Files and folders can be shared and copied with others in accordance with OSSU’s Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources Policy and FERPA guidelines. Contact the helpdeskfor learn more about the full range of applications available through Google.

You can also view a wide variety of self-help resources provided by Google.

PowerSchool Admin

PowerSchool is the district's Student Information Sytsem (SIS). It is the system of record for all student information such as demographics, emergency contact info, school enrollment details, course enrollments and schedules, attendance, lunch balances, medical info, discipline logs, course grades and standards progress, test results, report cards and transcripts.Principals, guidance staff, special educators, and other staff have access to OSSU’s student information system through PowerSchool Administrator. The level of access depends on staff roles.


All teachers have user accounts in PowerTeacher, the PowerSchool portal for educators to manage their course sections (attendance, grading, discipline logs, student data reports, etc.) The system allows teachers to enter grades for both assignments and standards. Teachers can track and evaluate growth and achievement in individual standards and graduation proficiencies, and use that data to target classroom instruction.

PowerSchool for Students & Parents

Both students and parents can log into PowerSchool to monitor assignment grades, standards progress, overall course grades and attendance. There is both a web interface and a smart-phone app. Students are strongly encouraged to monitor their course progress regularly. Information on how to access PowerSchool is sent home to families at the beginning of the year. If you have questions about how to get access, please contact your school.


Schoology is OSSU's Learning Management System (LMS), an on-line app that helps teachers create, organize and deliver engaging content, assess student understanding and track progress in essential learning objectives.

Teachers use it to design, create, import, link, embed, share, and deliver multi-media course materials, assess student learning, track grades, analyze progress in learning standards, differentiate instruction, collaborate with colleagues, and communicate with students and parents.

Students use it to access course content, view rubrics and learning scales to guide their understanding of expectations on assigned work, track and take ownership of their academic progress, monitor assignment grades, get real-time help from teachers and more.

Parents/Guardians can sign in to Schoology to observe what students are doing and learning in their courses, to facilitate more active engagement in their students' learning experience.

Staff and students can log into Schoology using their OSSU email account.


Special Educators and Related Services staff use Goalview to document and evaluate student services for students on Individual Education Plans and Section 504 plans.

Infinite Visions

Administrative staff use Infinite Visions to manage each school district’s budget and finances. In the coming year, all staff will have access to this application to view and manage their employee profile online, including leave requests.


All Nurses across OSSU use SNAP to document student visits to the nurse’s office, immunizations, and medication administration. It requires software to be installed on each Nurse's computer.

Ezeep/Thin Print

Staff and students use this software for robust & seemless printing throughout all of the OSSU buildings.