Universal Pre-K

OSSU believes that each and every child and family are diverse in culture, language, geography, values, beliefs and circumstances. To support individual growth, development and continuous learning over their lifetime, OSSU is committed to fully including each and every child in a continuum of high quality, evidence-based early learning experiences, from birth through grade 3.
The importance of Early Learning Opportunities is outlined in a series of videos put out by the U.S. Department of Education.

Act 166

Act 166 of 2014 provides for universal access to publicly funded prekindergarten education. All public and private prekindergarten education programs, including Head Start and public school operated programs, must meet specific requirements to operate a PreK program in Vermont. The Agency of Education, in collaboration with the Agency of Human Services, created administrative rules to guide Act 166 implementation. Learn more about registering for pre-kindergarten.

Basic Elements of Early Education

Early Education/Universal Preschool focuses on:

  • providing high quality preschool instruction matched to student need. 
  • monitoring progress with Teaching Strategies Gold frequently to make decisions about changes in instruction or goals.
  • ​Early identification of students with developmental delays

Related Regulation & Statutes

  • Essential supports for Vermont’s Early Learners
  • 16 V.S.A. § 11 (a)(31) - PreKindergarten Education
  • State Board Rule 2600 - PreKindergarten Education

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Jessica Lamberton-Brown, Act 166 Coordinator

Tammy Brown, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher