Instructional Services

OSSU Central Office, under the guidance of the OSSU Leadership Team, provides support in the coordination of curriculum and the implementation and evaluation of instructional programs, including the required content and skills which students must learn, alignment with national and state standards and legislation, and relevant, staff-driven professional learning opportunities.

Staff also work with schools to plan and administer assessments of student learning, emphasizing a variety of approaches which include standardized tests of knowledge and skills as well as more contextual measures of students’ abilities to apply what they have learned. 

Additional services include the Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program, migrant family services, home school services, homeless student services, and after school or extended year academic programs.

Professional Learning

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PK-12 Curriculum

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Additional Services

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Amy Masse 
Director of Instruction, Assessment & Grants

Sean McCarthy
Data Manager