Business Operations

School boards and the ​OSSU are committed to creating clarity and understanding around how we invest public money into student education and school district property.

With six schools, eight school districts, and $23 million in combined annual expenditures, OSSU’s finances are complex. Improving financial transparency and understanding is an important piece of the supervisory union’s efforts inform and engage communities as a means to help students thrive. 

The OSSU Business Office is responsible for providing a variety of finance and operations services to its eight member school districts and Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union. 

​More information on each of these will be added in the coming months.


Budget & Finance


Under Vermont law, each school board must develop and present a school budget annually for approval by school district voters. In the broadest sense, a budget represents the educational goals and priorities of a community.

A school district budget is comprised of revenue from local, state, federal and other sources to be used to purchase a variety of goods and services (expenditures) that make up the educational programs available to students. 

Revenue and expenditures vary among school districts for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to state-level rules and regulations, each district’s student enrollment and make up, each school board’s past decisions and future goals, and the instructional vision of the school administrator with support from the Superintendent. 

OSSU and each school board strongly encourage public comment and participation in the annual budget development process. We strive to improve community participation and input by providing more information in a more timely fashion over the past three years.

Annual Budget Development Cycle

The Chief Financial Officer and Superintendent facilitate the budget development process with school principals, the school boards, and community members. The FY19 Budget Development planning is underway and will be published soon.

Budgets and Reports

Annual School District Reports Budgets


Brittany Currie
​Director of Finance
802-472-6531 x 2912

Sarah LaCroix
Assistant Director of Finance
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Sonja Darling
Financial Assistant
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