School Boards

There are a total of six school boards within OSSU serving six schools in six towns across four counties. Each board has specific responsibilities based on Vermont law and individual school district charters. Some boards have developed websites to remain in communication with their communities.
Each school board is the Board of Trustees for education on behalf of its community. It is entrusted with assuring that the young people of the community receive a high quality education and that taxpayers receive a positive return on their investment.

School Boards within OSSU

  • Craftsbury Town School Board governs a PK-12 school district, including Craftsbury Elementary (PK-4) and Craftsbury Academy (5-12).
  • Hazen Union School Board serves the towns of Hardwick, Greensboro, and Woodbury. It governs a grade 7-12 union school district and operates Hazen Union School.
  • Wolcott Town School Board governs a PK-12 school district, which includes Wolcott Elementary School as well as the tuitioning of Wolcott students in grades 7-12. 
  • Orleans Southwest Union Elementary School District Board. serves the towns of Hardwick, Greensboro, and Woodbury.
  • Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union Board is responsible for governing the Supervisory Union as required by law. 
  • Stannard Town School Board governs the funding of universal prekindergarten education for Stannard residents as well as the tuition of Stannard students in grades 7-12. The remaining programs fall under the responsibly of the Lakeview Union School Board. Stannard is represented by two school board directors on the Lakeview Union School Board.

School Boards Within OSSU

Committees Within OSSU

Role of a School Board

The Vermont School Board Association outlines seven main roles and related responsibilities of school boards, summarized below:

Want to Join a School Board?

​School board membership is a rewarding and challenging form of public service. It requires a commitment of time and energy, thoughtful deliberation, and clear communication. Here are a few details for community members seeking to become a school board director.