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OSSU is committed to supporting the academic and social needs of all ELL’s, ensuring that they have equal access for meaningful participation in school learning and community.

An ELL student is a student with a home language other than English and who has limited English proficiency as determined by English language proficiency assessments approved by the state of Vermont.

Eligibility for ELL Services:
  1. At the time of registration for a new or transferring student, parents/guardians will complete the state required Primary/Home Language Survey. If a language other than English is indicated on the survey, the ELL coordinator is notified and given a copy of the survey.
  2. The ELL coordinator will review the survey, conduct any necessary interviews and testing, and complete the screening form for English Language Learner Identification. If it is determined that the student is an ELL student, an ELL team will be assembled, consisting of classroom teachers, ELL coordinator, and any other relevant staff members.
  3. A plan will be created outlining the nature and frequency of ELL services for the year. This plan may be revisited by the team throughout the year to meet the changing needs of the student. Parents will receive a copy of assessment results as well as a copy of the ELL service plan. Parents will have an opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns, as well as sign a consent form for ELL services.

Based on assessment scores, students fall into the following categories:

  1. Current - A student who qualifies and is actively receiving direct or consultation services.
  2. Monitoring - A student who passes the Access for ELL’s test is required by law to be monitored for 2 years before exiting the program. During this time, the ELL coordinator reviews assessment/academic records, and consults with the classroom teachers to ensure that the student’s academic progress is not being hindered by language proficiency.
  3. Exited - After two years of monitoring, students will exit the program.

*After exiting the program, students can be re-admitted based on academic need.

Participation in State Assessments

Vermont mandates that all students participate yearly in the Access for ELL’s assessment. Students continue to be enrolled in the ELL program until they have successfully passed this assessment.

ELL students are required to participate in all other state or district required assessments unless they qualify for an exemption based on state laws. Currently, newcomers are not required to participate in SBAC testing if it falls within one year of their arrival in the U.S. However, all students are required to take the state math and science assessment.

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