Woodbury Elementary Students Hold Mock Town Meeting Facilitated by Woodbury Town Officials

March 8, 2023 Update:

The Rumble Strip Vermont segment featuring Woodbury Elementary’s Mock Town Meeting that was held right before the break is scheduled to air on Vermont Public (radio) on Wednesday, March 8, during Morning Edition (around 7:45 am) and then again in the evening during All Things Considered (between 4-7pm). We hope everyone can tune in! Here's the link to the story if you don't catch the live broadcast:



On Friday, February 24, democracy was on glorious display as Woodbury Elementary students held a mock Town Meeting, learning how their voices are critical to the fabric of school community.

Facilitated by Stephen Murphy, Woodbury Town Moderator, and supported by many Woodbury Town Officials, students opened with the Pledge of Allegiance, and held a moment of silence in honor of community members who lost their lives during the past year. Teacher Dave Swanson accompanied his grade 3/4 class on guitar as they performed a choreographed song all about town meeting.

The students were then presented with two Articles to hold discussion and vote on.

First, they decided whether to substitute a scheduled Educating Children Outdoors (ECO) day on March 14 with an extra day of skiing at Craftsbury Outdoor Center (COC). After vigorous debate, the COC was adopted as the activity of choice. Students cited “physical activity”, “liking to go downhill” and “skiing now, since you can’t ski on grass” as reasons for their vote.

Second, students weighed the options of using $500 of Principal Lisa McCarthy’s discretionary fund for purchasing playground equipment or for going on a field trip. Using paper ballots, students voted for the field trip, with many stating during discussion that they wanted to ensure younger students who hadn’t experienced the joy of a field trip would get this opportunity.

Town Meeting Woodbury Elementary-style was an absolute model of what passionate, respectful, civil discourse looks like. Kudos to the students and everyone who participated!

P.S. Reporter Erica Heilman of Vermont Public was present to document our Town Meeting for a story to be aired at a later date on Rumble Strip. Stay tuned!