U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Holds Youth Town Hall at Hazen Union School

Senator Bernie Sanders I-Vt., held a Youth Town Hall at Hazen Union School on Wednesday, May 24. Close to 300 students, faculty and staff attended the event. Students were encouraged by Senator Sanders to ask questions about issues that mattered the most to them and to share their “dreams and hopes”. Sanders said, “I represent you in Washington, D.C. What would you like me to do?” Hazen students voiced their concerns about illegal drug use, climate change, costs of higher education and healthcare, mental health, LGBTQ rights, gun violence, and more. Reflecting on the event, student Tobias Benson stated, “I thought that Senator Sanders’ visit brought a lot of insight to his missions to change our state and country.” When one student expressed their amazement that a senator who had run for president of the United States was going to visit Hazen, Sanders responded, “What is my job? Is my job being famous? What am I supposed to be doing? That’s right, I’m supposed to be working for you. Whether I’m famous or not famous, it doesn’t matter…so don’t get caught up too much in fame and celebrity.” Sanders closed by admonishing students to “Use that power that you have to create a better world than the one that you have inherited.”