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FOR: All graduates, former students and parents/guardians of students with disabilities and adult students with disabilities who have attended schools in the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union (OSSU), including Craftsbury Schools, Hardwick Elementary, Hazen Union, Lakeview Elementary (Greensboro and Stannard), Wolcott Elementary and Woodbury Elementary.

The educational records of all students who have graduated, dropped out, transferred or become ineligible for services prior to and including June 30th, 2016 will be purged after July 7th, 2023. This means that any educational records which are no longer needed to provide educational services, including psychological, medical, disciplinary, court, special education, 504 records and recommendations will be destroyed. This information may be needed to establish eligibility for certain adult benefits, e.g, social security. If you do not want this information destroyed, please contact the OSSU Central Office before July 7th, 2023. You may request this by calling Wanda Webster at 802-472-2908 or Taylor Blaisdell at 802-472-2909. The district will maintain without time limitation directory information including student’s name, academic record, date of birth, degrees and awards received, date separated, attendance record and pupil progress record.