Hazen Principal Jason Di Giulio and Community School Coordinator Dani Smith Featured on Vermont Conversation Podcast

“Schools have almost put up walls and become fortresses up on a hill and separate from their communities,” said Hazen Union principal Jason Di Giulio during a recent interview for VT DIgger's Vermont Conversation podcast. He went on to say that Hazen Union is trying to “break down the walls of school, let the community in, send the students out, have learning happening all over the place and recognize that learning doesn’t just happen sitting in a chair in a classroom."

Go to https://vtdigger.org/2023/06/21/vermont-conversation-can-community-schools-cure-what-ails-education/ to listen to the podcast that features interviews with Principal Di Giulio, Dani Smith, Hazen's community school coordinator, and other community school officials as they discuss the impact community schools are having in Vermont.