Hazen Union's June Term Offers Unique Learning Opportunities for Students

For two weeks in June during June Term (or J-Term), Hazen Union students immersed themselves in learning in some unexpected ways. It was a chance for students to explore a new subject, or dive deeper into a subject that piqued their interest. Seminars like Talking with Horses, Brook & Lake Fishing, First Aid/CPR, Pastry Making, Mountain Bike Mash-Up, and Green Thumb Gardening, sparked students’ curiosity and opened up new ways of thinking. Designed intentionally to bring students together across areas of interest rather than by grade level or curriculum track, J-Term was the catalyst for forging new connections between teachers and students. Students interested in environmental studies and the natural world explored the beauty of the local geography, completing seven hikes throughout the Northeast Kingdom. Budding bike mechanics and biking enthusiasts rode the area trails, worked on their mechanic skills, and even made new trail signs for the Hardwick Trails. A few students who had never been exposed to biking learned to ride and enjoyed the thrill of trail riding with their friends and classmates for the very first time. Students baked pastries and breads from around the world, made stunning wire-wrapped jewelry pieces, learned all about caring for and connecting with horses, fished the lakes and streams of our water-endowed region, and learned first aid and CPR. One group of students even traveled to Montreal for an immersive international and urban experience. The culmination of J-Term was Exhibition Night held on Thursday, June 8, a celebration of learning and a platform for students to showcase their newfound knowledge and in-depth exploration with the broader community.

Principal Jason Di Giulio commented “Hazen Union’s J-Term is a uniquely vibrant and enriching learning experience for our students that I hope will serve as a springboard for further subject exploration.”

To see photos from all of the experiential learning courses, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt6240atxVY.