Facilities Team Goes Above and Beyond During Lakeview Elementary Pipe Burst

OSSU would like to publicly thank some exceptional members of our facilities team for a job well done! On early Saturday morning, February 4, after a brutally cold night, the Orleans Southwest Union Elementary School District (OSUESD) facilities staff discovered a burst pipe at Lakeview Elementary School. Upon discovery, Darald Bartlett, Lakeview custodian, reported the issue, and a team was quickly assembled. Mr. Bartlett, along with Larry Eldred, OSUESD facilities manager, Dave Brochu, OSUESD assistant facilities manager, and Tod Delaricheliere, Hazen Union facilities manager, worked throughout the day to ensure that the water was removed from the building. On Sunday Joe Houston, OSSU director of facilities, and Mr. Eldred supported Principal Lisa McCarthy in developing a plan for reopening the building on Monday and to support teachers and staff. It’s just another shining example of how our team-oriented OSSU facilities staff pitch in across the SU whenever needed. Hats off to this group of dedicated and hardworking staff who support the education of our children each and every day!