Community Building in Apple Season
Hazen students in apple orchard

Earlier this fall, the Hazen Union 7th grade class ventured to Burtt's Apple Orchards in Cabot for community building. On a cold and misty morning, the students were introduced to the business of apples, learning that there are 7,000 varieties of apples around the world! In addition to their education on the apple business, students enjoyed tasty cider and cider donuts, and the 7th grade team of Evan Chartier, Michele Fox, Greg Hennemuth and Kelly Robinson were treated to fresh brewed coffee with their donuts!

The Friday apple-picking was followed by a Monday half-day schedule when students made over 15 pans of apple crisp for Hazen's open house on Tuesday. Students also had the opportunity at the open house to press the apples they had picked into cider! This is real community work and students learned what can be accomplished when we work together.