Open Enrollment is October 24-November 6, 2023
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Everyone (unless you work under 17.5 hours per week) must take action even if you don't want to make changes.

It’s that time of year again – Annual Enrollment for your 2024 benefits is now open from October 24-November 6. Now is the time for employees to reflect on the last year and decide if you want to make changes to your benefit elections. Annual Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to make these changes.

This year, we are partnering with WiseBenefits to help you understand and enroll in your benefits. You will need to meet with a Benefits Counselor to review and enroll in all your benefits, even if you don’t want to make changes. Schedule your 30-minute virtual appointment here.

In addition to medical, dental and vision benefits, we also provide group life insurance at no additional cost. Also available is a Flexible Spending Account or FSA that allows you to set aside a portion of your pay pre-tax to use for eligible out-of-pocket health care expenses. 

New this year: Accident, Critical Illness, Short-Term Disability, and Hospital Indemnity Insurance from Madison National Life. These benefits supplement your medical insurance and cover expenses that may not be covered - or are only partially covered – by insurance. These coverages pay benefits directly to you.

How to Access Your Personalized Benefits Enrollment Site

To access your benefits enrollment site, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to:

  2. Enter the employee’s Social Security Number (SSN) and PIN to log in. 

  3. When entering the employee’s SSN, no dashes are necessary.

  4. The PIN is 6 digits: the last 4 digits of the employee's SSN, and the last two digits of the employee's birth year in that order. Do not use dashes when entering the PIN. For example: 000000

You will have an opportunity to navigate through this site and make your selections during your meeting with the Benefits Counselor. Schedule your 30-minute virtual meeting today.