A la carte image with apple


Each free meal consists of USDA approved components that are nutritionally balanced. Students have choices, but the meal must remain nutritionally balanced to qualify as free. Therefore, students must choose a minimum of 3 of the 5 components offered for the meal to remain free.

Students who choose items a la carte (items chosen apart from the multi-component meal, or as a supplement to a meal brought from home) will need to pay for those a la carte items, even if the student has free meal status. One carton of milk is considered part of the free meal for 2023-2024. and there will be no a la carte charge. Additional cartons of milk will be charged at 50 cents each.

Example A: A student chooses only a slice of pizza. The student would need to choose the slice of pizza AND the other nutritionally balanced components, or the student will be charged for the a la carte slice of pizza.

Example B: A student comes to school with a meal from home and chooses an a la carte piece of fruit at school. The piece of fruit, as it is not part of a school-provided nutritionally balanced meal, will be charged to the student.