Payroll staff work closely with Human Resources and other departments to process employee information changes and to ensure reliable, accurate, and timely compensation. Payroll manages the following:

  • Payroll records
  • Issuing pay for regular work and extra compensation
  • Mandated deductions
  • Voluntary elections and non-voluntary elections
  • Direct deposits
  • Stop payment for lost or stolen checks

Payroll Schedule

All employees are paid on a set schedule based on their position and/or terms within their contract.

Time sheets

All non-salaried employees must submit time sheets for approval by his or her supervisor for services completed before submitting it to Payroll. This includes any nurses and substitutes. It is responsibility of the non-salaried employee to accurately complete the time sheet, not the supervisor. Submitting incorrect or incomplete information could delay the processing of the time sheet.

Additional requirements for submitting timesheets include:

  • Hours worked must be noted on the timesheet. If a substitute is being paid half day, enter 3.5 hours, or 7 hours for a full day. Hours marked as 1 day or ½ day will not be accepted.
  • Substitutes should also indicate the teacher for which they subbed for on the timesheet.
  • The Absence Report should still be completed by the supervisor and submitted to Payroll, as necessary.
  • Substitutes must place an “X” in the “SpEd” column if they are filling in for Special Educators or Paraeducators

Making Changes to Payroll Information

​Employees can complete and submit a federal W-4 and a VT W-4 to change one or more of following:

  • Legal Name Change
  • Address Change
  • Federal Withholding Allowances