Superintendent LeBlanc

Joanne M. LeBlanc became Superintendent of Schools in 2015. Her appointment came after working in public education for more than 30 years as a teacher, department chair, director of student services and interim superintendent.

As superintendent of schools, she oversees and provides leadership to more than 300 employees, whom she believes are truly the “heart and soul” of the organization. She is a champion of public education, seeing the difference it has made in her own family’s life. She has proudly taught and mentored many educators and administrators, helping them become more effective advocates for children. Ms. LeBlanc believes that all of us play a role in improving the community. 

A native of Vermont, Ms. LeBlanc obtained her undergraduate degree from Trinity College and a Master’s degree from Plymouth State College.

Her favorite activities outside of work include spending time with her son and dog; fishing, movies and spending time with family.  In addition to having one son,  Ms. LeBlanc also has four step-daughters and 11 step-grandchildren.

Role of Superintendent

Vermont’s statutes are designed to have a superintendent serve as the chief executive officer for a supervisory union and its member school districts. In OSSU, the superintendent is hired by the Orleans Southwest Supervisory Union board

School boards govern and the superintendent oversees the day-to-day activities of member school districts. Boards are elected by the community to set priorities, establish policies and evaluate outcomes. Superintendents identify needs and policies, develop regulations, provide leadership, and manage the everyday operation of school districts. The superintendent serves as each board’s chief adviser on educational matters. As the districts' educational leader, the superintendent is responsible for ensuring the board is informed about each district's needs, operations, and activities. The superintendent must ensure that sufficient information is provided to the school boards so it they are able to make informed decisions and evaluate the results of those decisions. 

On behalf of each school board, the Superintendent:

  • carries out the policies adopted by the school board relating to the educational or business affairs of all member school districts;
  • works with the principal to connect action plan goals with the vision, goals, and objectives for the school district, and articulates these priorities with the needs and desires of other schools in the supervisory union/district;
  • recommends that the school board employ or dismiss persons as, in his/her judgment, necessary to carry out the work of the school district;
  • oversees centralized services, such as special education and budget development;
  • submits data and information to state and federal government agencies as required.

OSSU Leadership Team

The Superintendent works very closely with the OSSU Leadership Team to guide and implement the OSSU vision and framework. The Leadership Team is comprised of all school principals or instructional leaders, the Coordinator of Instruction, Assessments, and Grants, the Director of Student Services, and the Superintendent. The OSSU Leadership Team generally meets two times a month.