Pre-K Curriculum

There are three related components that combine to support student learning:

  • Curriculum (what students are expected to learn, often described as outcomes or standards);
  • Instruction (how students access and practice the standards through teaching, facilitation, and related experiences);
  • Assessment (how students demonstrate their learning so we know it is taking place).

Over the past five years, teachers and administrators within OSSU have collaboratively developed a comprehensive set of learning outcomes, also known as proficiencies, in each content area from pre-kindergarten through twelfth grade. The purpose of this is to help ensure that all students within our system have access to high quality educational experiences that best prepare them for life after graduation. Teachers at different schools often use different resources and materials to teach the same standards. 

The initial draft of our curriculum is scheduled to be completed by August 2017. It will be posted on this page as soon as it is published.


Connections to Common Core and Other Standards

The work to develop our curriculum across academic subject areas and grade levels has been over eight years in the making. Rather than reinventing the wheel, our curriculum committees built on what already existed and aligned the curriculum to various standards already in use locally or as required by the State, including:

  • School Board Ends: each school board has established student learning outcomes
  • Math: Common Core State Standards for Math
  • Literacy: Common Core State Standards for English/Language Arts
  • Science: Next Generation Science Standards
  • Social Studies: Vermont Grade Expectations in History & Social Sciences
  • The Arts: National Art Standards
  • Physical Education: National Physical Education Standards
  • Health: Vermont Health Education Standards
  • World Language: Vermont Grade Expectations in Non-Native Language
  • Transferable Skills: The Vermont Transferable Skills Assessment Supports (VTSAS) 

In addition, we also incorporated state-level requirements and resources, including:

  • Vermont State Board of Education's Education Quality Standards


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