Resources For Families Who Do Not Have Internet Access

For anyone in OSSU who does not have Internet and needs help finding a provider please contact David Martin at or 802.472.2906

Internet Service Providers


  • Comcast --  Free two months of Comcast internet for low income households 
  • Consolidated Communications
    • Call 1-877-876-4067 for more details.
  • Vermont COVID-19 Line Extension Customer Assistance Program
    • The Line Extension Customer Assistance Program (“LECAP”) provides up to $3000 in assistance to qualifying and eligible consumers who seek to extend telecommunications lines to their homes. Hundreds of Vermonters without 25/3 Mbps broadband service live just beyond the reach of current cable and other Internet Service Providers’ networks. 
  • AT&T Access -- reduced price 

WIFI Hot Spot


  • Spark Co-working Space (Greensboro, VT) - also available from the parking lot!
  • While many libraries are closed, WifF is still on and patrons can use our wifi from outside the building.
For more locations visit the Department of Public Service:

State of Vermont Resources


State of Vermont Department of Public Services COVID-19 LINE EXTENSION CUSTOMER ASSISTANCE PROGRAM:,telecommunications%20lines%20to%20their%20homes.&text=If%20the%20consumer%20portion%20is,for%20the%20entire%20line%20extension.