Nicole Miller
Program Director

Nicole has been the program director of REACH! since the fall of 2009, and began working with REACH! in 2006 as the Wolcott Site Coordinator. She has a BA in Elementary Education from Johnson State, and believes that all youth should have access to high quality and engaging afterschool programs that help students explore their interests.

 802-472-5411 x 2588

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Erika Baker
Site Coordinator, Hardwick Elementary

​Erika Baker has been Site Coordinator at Hardwick Elementary since the fall of 2011. Erika volunteers throughout the school and community, and you may know her from her work as a graphic designer for the Hardwick Area Community Coalition.

 802-472-5411 x 2587

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Tara Young
Site Coordinator, Craftsbury Schools

​Tara joined us as Site Coordinator of REACH! at Craftsbury Schools in August of 2016. Tara carries a BS in Natural Resource Management, along with spending a year studying Environmental Education on a graduate level. She has an intense passion for both science, and teaching kids how science is related to every aspect of their lives.

 802-586-2541 x 2441

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Matthew Burgess
Site Coordinator, Wolcott Elementary

Matthew Burgess began as REACH! site coordinator for Wolcott Elementary in December 2017, and has worked in the human services field for the past five years. Matthew has a Masters of Business Administration from Strathclyde School of Business in Glasgow Scotland, Bachelors degrees in Business Management, Political Science, and Pre-Law, and an Associates degree in Legal Assisting.   


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Craftsbury Schools

Serves grades PK-12
Merri Greenia, Principal
1422 North Craftsbury Rd
Craftsbury Commons, VT 05827
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REACH! Facebook Page

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Hardwick Elementary

Serves grades PK-6
Patrick Penneck, Principal
135 South Main St.
Hardwick, VT 05843
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REACH! Staff

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Wolcott Elementary

Serves grades PK-6
Matthew Foster, Principal
320 School Hill Dr.
Wolcott, VT 05680
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