Image of Elliot Waring - Chair

Elliot Waring - Chair

Hello! I’m Elliot. I grew up in Wolcott (proud Wolcott Elementary graduate!) and, after some time in other places, moved back with my family 6 years ago. My goal on the School Board is to ensure there is a strong connection between the community and the school, and that everyone in Wolcott believes, like I do, that we are providing the best opportunities and education for our students. When I was in 6th grade I jumped off a swing on the playground and broke my arm! I did end up with a pretty rad glow-in-the-dark cast so it all worked out in the end.

Gordon Young - Vice Chair

Gordon Young - Vice Chair

I grew up in Wolcott and attended Wolcott Elementary, Craftsbury Academy, and UVM. I lived in Colorado until moving back home in 2008. My work and life experience combines small town living with a global perspective - which I bring to my work with the school board. As I work with companies who are constantly pushing their technologic and economic growth, it gives me a good perspective on what skills our children need to develop for success in that context - and it gives me perspective on how wonderful and valuable it is to be part of a small town community, and to live in a rural setting.

Image of Laura Kaier

Laura Kaiser

Hi, I'm Laura. My son is in the first grade at WES and is loving it! I've lived in Wolcott for nine years. We are so fortunate to have such a great small school where kiddos are treated as part of a family. I want to ensure that this tradition continues, along with continually improving academic and social/emotional achievements. When I was eight, I was in a stall in the bathroom of my school, and someone needed toilet paper. I threw a roll over the door to her, but it flew out into the hallway. This somehow caused a ruckus there, and I was suspended for a day!