Introducing the OSSU Portrait of a Graduate!

For about a year, we have been gathering feedback through focus groups and surveys from a variety of stakeholders—students, staff, parents, community partners, businesses, and more—with the goal of capturing our “current state” and informing the development of a Portrait of a Graduate unique to OSSU. Now complete, the OSSU Portrait of a Graduate outlines the competencies that we expect from our graduates as they leave high school.

Drawing from the Portrait and from the Current State Analysis (summary here), a strategic planning/writing team is currently in the process of constructing a five-year strategic plan for our supervisory union. This strategic plan will contain specific goals, strategies, and objectives that will guide our action steps and timelines, and keep our course steady over the coming years. We anticipate that this strategic plan will be done and shared with the public this summer (2024).

We invite you to take a look at the OSSU Portrait of a Graduate and our Current State Analysis summary and watch this webpage for more information about our strategic plan coming soon!