Compulsory Training

Each year the Superintendent must ensure that all school employees and non-employees who work with our student population have received compulsory training. This training is required to meet both federal and state requirements regarding safety for personnel and students.
The presentations below cover critical topics which you are responsible for reviewing and completing a brief online form, including submitting your electronic signature.
If you have any questions regarding a specific training, you may contact Human Resources. For technical assistance viewing a presentation or submitting a form, you may ask the tech support person in your building or submit a ticket to


For each training listed below, click on "View Presentation" to read the training material. Then return to this web page and click on "Check for Understanding" for the same training. Within the “Check for Understanding” form, answer all of the questions, add your electronic signature and hit “Send” at the top of the form, attesting you have completed the training.