Craftsbury Town School Board

Our school board serves the town of Craftsbury, Vermont and governs a PK-12 school district, including Craftsbury Elementary (PK-4) and Craftsbury Academy (5-12).

Board News & Annoucements

Harry Miller, Chair                             Email:                      
Phone: (802) 586-9972
Mary Lou Rylands, Vice Chair          Email:    
Phone: (802) 586-2566
John Smith Jr., Clerk                          Email:                        
Phone: (802) 586-2227
Anne Morse                                        Email:                   
Phone: (802) 281-4432
Jen Schoen                                          Email:
Phone: (802) 586-6966

Meeting Materials, Members, and Board Policies

Unless otherwise stated in the agenda, our school board meets the second Thursday of the month from 6 - 8 PM in the Commons Room at Craftsbury Academy. All meetings are open to the public and community members are encouraged to attend.

Community members can also email the board at All school board members and the Superintendent will receive your email. To remain in compliance with open meeting laws, the board may not respond to email, but all submissions will be reviewed as part of the following public board meeting. 


School Board Committees are useful when a specific issue or project requires more time than what can be accomplished during regular school board meetings. Committees can also leverage individual board member expertise in more depth.

Committee meetings of the board are open to the public and minutes are kept as part of the official board record. Any current committee work and meeting materials will be published below.