Hardwick Elementary School

Christine Gifford

Friday, September 4, 2020

Additional information and details can also be located on our website https://hardwick.ossu.org.  If you have questions, please call the office and leave a message on Christine's voicemail (472-2599) or email at cgifford@ossu.org. Staff are checking their voicemail and email during normal school hours. 


Hello Hardwick Elementary Families,

We are so excited to have you back! Although there are many changes we are looking forward to continuing and developing new relationships with students and families.  Let’s work together to support each other as we begin a new school year! 


You have likely heard many opinions and statements regarding the readiness of schools to open next week. I want to share with you the status of our readiness to open. I will preface this by saying that I am a very strong supporter of bringing our elementary students back to school five days a week for in person learning for parents who want that option. This is not a simple task and I ask for you to be patient as we work with our new procedures and protocols. We can do this safely and effectively with the continued support of our teachers and families. 


At Hardwick Elementary we had anticipated the need for extra health related materials and supplies and had proactively ordered maks, gloves, no-touch thermometers, hepa air filtration units, plexiglass partitions, cleaning products and other items that we need to help us safely open school. We currently have more than adequate supplies of PPE (personal protective equipment) to start school and are continuing to receive additional materials on a regular basis. The classes have all been set up with student seating 6ft apart. At this time we have enough spaces to accommodate our “in-person” and “hybrid” learners in all of our grades. This may change if we have new registrations in grades 4-6 but at the time of this email we are ok. We need you to help us by accompanying your child to school or the bus stop in the morning and having the health screening form filled out.

We have also created several outdoor learning spaces including two 20x40 tents up near the ballfield. Our goal is to get the kids outside as much as possible. 


Please read carefully the morning drop off and dismissal protocols. Note that all children should be accompanied by a parent/guardian during the morning health check. Details can be found in this document ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL ROUTINES  and DailyHealth screening. 


School cancellation

Due to a variety of COVID related reasons we may need to cancel school for individual grades or the whole school on short notice. Please be prepared with backup childcare plans as you would on snow days in the winter. 


First week of school - In Person and Hybrid Learners

We are having only half of our students attend each day which will allow us to practice our routines and better support kids the first week. You should have already been notified whether your child will be attending Tuesday/Wednesday or Thursday/Friday of next week. There will not be any work expectation on days that your child is not in attendance the first week of school. Arrival is 7:30 and dismissal at 11:30.

The rest of September

We are planning on 5 days a week for the full in-person learners and 2 days for Hybrid learners. Your child’s teacher can share with you which days you are in person. All students will be dismissed at 1:30 to provide teachers time to plan and engage the remote learners as well as for more cleaning of the building. 


Remote Learners

The first scheduled meeting for remote learners with their teachers is scheduled for Tuesday, September 8th at 1:00pm. You child should be receiving an invite for this meeting via email. There will be additional meetings scheduled through the week. Please email your child’s teacher directly with questions.


VTVLC Students

VTVLC students have been registered. They will be contacting parents next week with details on your learning program and schedule. If we receive any updates from them we will be sure to let you know. They have dramatically increased the number of students in their programs which is resulting in some delays in getting everything up and running. 


Free and Reduced lunch forms

Please fill these out and return to the school. They are important in determining the amount of funding we receive for many school programs. 


Physical education update:  

Students will be going outside for their p.e. classes as much as possible.  Due to  state regulations I do not have use of the gym for p.e. Classes.  It will be potentially cool and wet in the mornings so please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.  I will allow rubber boots due to the grass being very wet in the mornings, however we will still be running.  I look forward to a good year, and being able to enjoy the fresh air and outdoors with your child.  Thank, Mike Baker


REACH! In-Person and Remote options!

REACH! is thrilled to be offering in-person and remote afterschool options this fall! Our first session runs September 14th - October 29th and is free to all families (donations are appreciated :) ). We have an online registration form and will also be sending home physical registration forms home next week! 

We will confirm after school pods by the end of the first week of school. At any time a child may choose to join us for a remote program. We will have daily choice, learning challenges, outdoor exploration, and will focus on play and positive social connections!


HES Soccer skills & drills

This fall, Hardwick Elementary Soccer will be running differently due to safety guidance, staffing, and the later school start. We will be offering skills and drills to grades 3 - 6 at HES a few days a week through the REACH! program. These will still be led by Tammi Smith. We will follow all state sports guidance which includes wearing masks, no sharing of jersey's & water bottles, and social distancing when not playing a game. We will have inter-pod scrimmages but will continue to keep students separate. Families can register for soccer through the REACH! registration form going out next week. We will notify families of confirmed soccer days by September 14



Christine Gifford

Hello OSUED Families,

Below are our tentative options for students when we open school this year. Given the ever changing guidelines and availability of resources these plans may be updated over the next several weeks. Please consider which option would work best for your child. We are asking that you contact the school this week if you are interested in the Remote Synchronous, or Vt Virtual Learning Cooperative. This will provide us with some idea of how many students we need to plan for in person learning. Please see the choices below in the link.


Christine Gifford

Dear families,

The start of the school year is almost upon us and we have been busy at school getting ready for our students to return. The OSSU district has decided that a soft opening for the month of September would be best for our students and staff. For the first week of school, September 8-11, we will be dismissing students from schools after their lunch (Hardwick Elementary will dismiss at 11:30). Also for that week, each school will be running a partial in/partial remote schedule, so your student will be in person some days and learning remotely from home others during this first week. At Hardwick Elementary half of the students will be attending on Tuesday and Wednesday and the other half will be attending on Thursday and Friday. Letters went out in the mail on Thursday letting you know what days your child/children will be in school. We made sure that siblings came on the same days. Through the month of September, schools will be dismissing students an hour earlier than their regularly scheduled dismissal (the dismissal for Hardwick Elementary will be at 1:30).

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we prepare to welcome the students back to HES!

If you would like to know what days your child/children will be attending before receiving the letter please call the office at 472-5411.